Anti-Psychiatry is not the solution, Real Solutions are

Anyone that has been involved in psychiatry, as a care giver or especially patient should after a while, come to the conclusion that pumping pills into people does not resolve a psych issue. If the pills even do what they are hailed to do, at best, they give a modicum of relief; but they do not resolve issues, they chemically bandage them. Anyone who is or have been involved in this cycle of chasing after pills is aware of this. I suggest the solution to this cycle is not become anti-psychiatry, but to promote real solutions that have a history of success. Instead of fighting against institutions, corporations and people that support them, we could completely transcend the anti-psychiatry stance and put all our effort into promoting treatments that work.

Many things can trigger or cause a psychic issue, from diet to lifestyle, environment to poisoning by toxins, to traumas in childhood or adulthood – there is quite a list. Promotion of healthy diets, lifestyle, environments, and over all good holistic health education is real work that can change lives and prevent problems in the first place from developing. Just as there are many ways in which a person can develop a psych crisis, there are many ways of prevention.

Knowing distinctly what caused your psych crisis, the roots of it is the first step towards healing not only yourself, but others. There are already better treatments available than pills, but understanding where the psych crisis came from is key. Through the process of elimination a person can begin to discern exactly what caused the crisis in the first place, be it a physical, mental, emotional, or a spiritual cause. Figuring that takes steps. Once a personal and true cause is found, aligning with those therapies that are best suited is the next step. Promoting this idea is better than just being Anti-Psychiatry.

The real problem with psychiatry is that it funnels all its effort into generalizing and labeling, , making distinctions about what “normal” is and is and is not. Like a one size fits all solution (pills for the broken mechanical brain) instead of doing the hard work of specializing treatment in a personal and holistic manner. If we do the same with an Anti-Psychiatry stance then the truth will never be arrived at and people will not find the help they need, and neither will we.

Promotion of resolution oriented therapies, helping them be seen and found by those that need them should be the focus. Not simply marching around and saying how bad pills are or how corrupt corporations or the system is, but really doing something to promote real therapies and resolutions.

I am not Anti-Psychiatry, I am pro-solution. Whatever truly resolves the crisis, not only the mental health care crisis, but peoples personal crisis that brings the to a psychiatrist in the first place. Its all I ever wanted for myself and now for others. Anti-psychiatry is not the solution, prevention and real resolutions are the real solution.

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I think psychiatry relies on pills too much. It’s like their assuming the psych problem is solely biological and not psychological at all.

Well and good but you need to speak with your congresspersons or politicians about it.

Very verbose but you don’t actually flesh out what these " real solutions" are.

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I did that in another article I just posted firemonkey

I suffer from a severe mental illness that requires antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, and minor tranquilizers - seeing a psychiatrist who can prescribe me my medications, is a solution for me.
Yes your post was filled with lots of words - but no real answers - @mister_lister

Read my other post wave… The topic of this post was Anti-psychiatry is not the solution

Psychiatry does seem stuck on a one way street at times with a few exceptions…

This I believe is the thread he is referring to… I would also add a few of the alternative treatments I have posted about which would go along with the holistic model. And yes, there is also the spiritual/shamanic type approach along with meditation.

Some people can be helped by meds. Others are not helped by meds. Like the OP says they are more of a chemical bandage. Meds themselves come with side effects and some of the stronger meds almost assure disability because they make you so tired.

It does take a lot of work and will power…Changing diet may sound simple but it takes work. Quiting drugs and alcohol can be difficult for many people. Changing your environment from negative exposure to positive can be a task. After i quit drugs I was of course approached several times and offered drugs, sometimes for free. Even threatened one time by some guys who said they would hold me down and blow pot smoke up my nose. They never tried, but I had to deal with the negative environment issues until most got it that I was quit for good, and the few that didn’t disappeared when I moved away.
Any alternative method of healing also requires work and you need to stick to it. there isn’t any one time practice you can do and magically be cured - you have to start with one step and keep on walking…

Psychiatry may not be anywhere near perfect but the alternatives fail to step up to the plate.

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I’m pro psychiatry but at the same time I’m against two much medications. When I was seeing my old psychiatrist she had me on a great deal of invega four different doses including the invega sustenna injection. Now I’m haldol and latuda which both are helping along with lithium and ativan.

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Personally, LSD triggered my paranoid schizophrenia. My case is typical. I got sick when I was 19. The typical age for males. I went through my first year of psychosis unmedicated. I know myself what I went through, how I felt, and the extent of my illness. I tried no meds and it failed. I did not get better. Like I said, I know my own experience and no one is going to tell me that a change of diet, vitimins, changing environments, changing lifestyles, would have eased my unbelievable suffering. I was too sick. My brain was messed up. My head was seriously, heavily, physically messed up. It’s like someone having a bad trip on acid and you tell them to take some vitamin C or eat some vegetables or go to the park and your bad trip will disappear. The paradox is that schizophrenia is a brain disease but it was a physical presence in my head. In my mind. Something was in there, the chemicals were mis-firing. You could say meds are a bandage or a band-aid or whatsoever. So? If you break your leg you get a cast. What’s wrong with a chemical bandage IF IT WORKS? Which it has proven over and over again that it does. I’m not a 100% against alternative methods. But alternative methods for schizophrenia are not a new idea, by far. Where’s the data that shows they work except in a minority of people? I will try anything that is PROVEN to work. Meds work for some people. They don’t work for others. I’ll keep taking mine until something better comes along. When something better comes long then I’ll jump on the bandwagon and take it/do it. But I’m not a pioneer. I’ll stick with meds because they help me PERSONALLY. And apparently, to the best of my knowledge and experience they help other people too.