Anti-psy meds improves the brain, yet cause other physical problems-how to live longer?

I believe most people come here take some sort of anti-psy meds. I realized that the meds improves the illness, give people peace in mind, but cause many other physical problems, such as diabet, hypertension due to over-eating, prolactin level increase, and hence induced bone density decrease, abnormal liver function, renal failure etc.

These problems won’t appear at the first ten years or so in the beginning stage of your life. But as you get older, they will cause your health situation seriously impacted.

I was just wondering, how can we manage to survive this illness until we are ripe old, say average 75 years old?

I’m not an expert but by using meds with less side effects, using minimum effective dose, doing serious sports, eating healthy foods and using other meds to control our other body problems.


The atypical antipsychotics have a lot of metabolic side effects, I am diabetic. I am now looking into the older typical antipsychotics like perphenazine and Haldol. As far as my elevated liver enzymes go - Years of high Depakote use has done its damage, thank goodness I am getting off of it, down to one tablet a day not 4
I will be trying Latuda first - less side effects and take it from there