Anti depressant causing depression?

I’ve been on Zoloft for a little more than two weeks.

A few years ago I took it for postpartum issues with good results,

But taking it with this Abilify has been totally different.

Is it possible that the Zoloft is causing some sort of intense depression or could I still be adjusting to the Abilify (even though its been three months)?

The only thing keeping me from quitting treatment completely is disappointing my husband, who feels like I’m doing better.

Granted the abusive voices and hallucinations have subsided for the most part, it doesn’t feel like a fair exchange.


Some anti depressants can make u more depressed. Its happened to me with multiple meds. Thats why in the commercials they always say “tell ur doctor about incresed thoughts of suicide.” Its really twisted irony that the stuff thats supposed to help makes it worse


You’re right,

Medication is wonky like that a lot of times.

I just anticipated it working really well because it had in the past.

Guess there are no guarantees.

Thank you!


I usually noticed some good results in the first few days could your dosage be be low, how much you take?

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A genomic test will help determine what works for u. Like for me standard anti d’s don’t work well. Its just ur brain chemistry and how it works or doesn’t. Id tell ur doc then u can start the process of “pill searching” for something that works. And always remember to ask about the side effects when they want to change something. Its important u know what u put in ur body as far as meds go


He started me on 100mg about two weeks ago.

Might want to call him and tell him he may want to increase it I’m on 200 mg and my depression isn’t horrible when off it.

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It can take up to a month or longer to feel the benefits of antidepressants if you are going to feel any benefit at all (some people don’t). So give it some time, imo many of our feelings about the effects meds are having on us come from our expectations. Also, if you feel miserable after a couple more weeks it may be time to consider getting off zoloft. Also, there may be an interaction between zoloft and abilify in your brain which may be why you dont feel quite the same as when you first took it.


I’m also relatively new to Zoloft and I noticed I was really, really tired for the first 2 weeks of starting it and increasing it. I was doing ok on 100 mgs but I’m doing really well on 125 mgs. You may want to give it a little bit more time. I feel really good now and I’m glad I pushed through the tiredness because I’m actually feeling happy.


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