An't see you around for a why'll

Hi Dr Zen Here. I have been work at a friends house paining and putting flooring in. there out the house i’m so tired when I get off. I can’t focus on my house work at home. we have had so much rain this week and are in a flood watch tonight. I need it to stop raining in order to mow my yard and fields the med Dr’s are uping my meds by a forth, only as they tend to couse shaking and stumbleness in my speech. my kittens have there eyes open and are getting out of the box and need a pin to put them in why I 'm gone working. my wate gain has been a big trip for me. it hard to keep it down why eating out all the time no gal would date me with this pot belly and mowbs biger then theyers wish there was something greater then working it off. the meds in the past put the stuff on and franky I don’t know how to fix it. for those who think i’m nuts I bought yellow hair color this time. to cover my gray hair. I have yet to meet some of you on the street how ever I did see a sign that says hey man I was here…thought i’d let you know.


Overall, it sounds like you’re doing good DrZen!

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You`re busy! Let some things go…