Ant Invasion

So doing a bit of hobby stuff this afternoon and found another nest of ants. Driving me nuts as my tiny room with storage is being overun! Like it’s a semi tropical environment and I’m not a fan of surface sprays or poison but it’s getting to where I’ve no choice…

Meanwhile it’s move a heap of stuff and try and eradicate them…It’s been a long afternoon dealing with it but I think I’m gaining some ground against my ant menace…!


Good luck in your war with the ants @rogueone . Try to take the high ground and flank them. Solid combat maneuvers never hurt in war.


haha…I like it! Bloody things are clever as. I’ve sprayed previous pathways and the bloody things go another way where I can’t see them…Driving me nuts. It’s occupied my afternoon dealing with the bloody things and I’ve only scratched the surface…still half the room to go and I have too much shite in my little room…I must do as Apocolypse Now says and exterminate with extreme prejuidice!


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