Answer only with a question. No statements

Would you feed a duck eggs?

Isn’t cannibalism illegal to nature across all animal species?

Is it legal to give a duck cannabis?

Is spring coming ?

Why do you ask ?

Why is it that every time I wash my clothes I’m missing a sock? Why is it that I’m always missing 1 sock? Can only 1 sock escape per wash? How does the sock escape? Is there some type of sock wormhole? Do the socks have a conversation as to which one will escape? Why is it that the new sock always escapes? Why not the old sock with the hole in it?

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In an alternate worlds are socks inverted?

Must we gloomily brush our teeth and French-wash our privates like crestfallen existential antiheroes in indie movies? Must we really?

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If we French wash our privates do we Spanish wash our publics?