Anripsychotics Long Term Problems

I heard if you use antipsychotics for a long time you might develop tardive dysknesia.
Do side effects get better or worse with time? (the longer you use it)
Do the risk of side effects increase with prolong use?

That’s more of a risk with the older meds, not so much with the newer ones.

I find I usually adjust to them within a month or so unless I’m on a really powerful dose of something.

I’ve only had severe problems with two meds and they came at me right away. Zyprexa caused explosive weight gain right out of the gate. Clozaril wiped out my white blood cells within six weeks if memory serves (agranulocytosis). Other than that, been doing okay for over a quarter century. Forget how long I’ve been on Geodon now, but it’s keeping me chugging along. Love it.

Curious about your username. If you’re a nonschizo, then what the heck are you doing here?

Thanks for the reply…very good one.
Drug-induced schizophrenia but I wish I had real schizophrenia…and have an interesting life all day long.
Sober is boring.

I was a heavy user of booze, weed, and uppers prior to my DX. Don’t know if this contributed to my SZ or not, but I’d rather not have any sort of it, period. I lived in a state of terror back when my symptoms were profound. Another user here recommended a supplement called Amlyoban 3399 that you can get from Amazon. It’s a mushroom extract and it seems to multiply the effectiveness of my Geodon without ramping up side-effects. I went from 80mg/day to 10mg/day and am mostly free of positive symptoms now unless I’m stressed over something. I still have the negatives, but have learned to work around them. CBT is your friend.

Boring is good. I’ve got 28 years sober in AA. I don’t miss getting arrested, appearing before judges, and suffering wracking guilt from continually hurting the people around me. Also, you can find ways to make boring more interesting.

Peace out.



true that. thank you , you’re a great guy!

I wholeheartedly agree that boring is good. Sober is not boring @nonschizo. Sober and/or sane is much better. You have to be a sane person to think that crazy is somehow good. Sane people are always seeking crazy states in their drug and alcohol use.


Yes, absolutely.

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Yeah, as a recovering addict, I don’t miss the run-ins with the law, driving all over hell and back looking for drugs, people coming over to my house at every hour of the night to drag me out to clubs or just to get drunk, going to my job on my days off while I’m high to borrow money etc. Hell, now I look upon being bored as a privilege that I had to earn.
Sober and bored: good.
Excitement of dodging jail while high off crack: bad.

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