Another worthy Joker performance



Just my observation here… Jerome is the proto-Joker the foundation of all different Jokers. Like he said in the ending. " I’m more than a man, I’m an idea a philosophy and I will live within Gothams discontent." So we can deduce that by saying there is different versions of the Joker, and has the foundations of what Jerome said.


Even though his origin story was written years ago, Joker has developed into such a character where we dont actually know his actual origin. I read somewhere that his past is considered as ‘multiple choice’.

Even in the Dark Knight, Ledger always states a different story as to ‘where he got the scars’ from.

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I agree. He has no background and if he did, like you said he’d want to make it multiple… Which proves my point. Arthur Fleck, Jerome and Jeremiah, Jack Napier These are distinctly different origin stories.

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You’re right.

I even saw a YouTube clip which talks about an alternate ending for the new Joker film.


They wanted Joaquin to pick up a shard of glass while he was on top of the car, and carve a smile into his face.

But they quickly got rid of the idea since it would most likely be tied to Ledger’s Joker.

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Yep, there is theory that Arthur Fleck had schizophrenia and was hallucinating it all.

That would’ve been cooler, tbh. I feel like they could’ve made a better movie with comic references.

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This the OG origin of the Joker, when he debuted in 1940.

I don’t know much about Joker’s origin story. The actor who plays the Joker in the video you shared is turning into a very good actor. I’ve seen his character develop on Shameless over time. I still have not seen every episode yet I’ve found his character to be very believable and realistic in the way he portrays it. If he continues honing his craft and lands a big role I can see him turning into one of today’s best up and coming male actors. With the video you shared he showed he has some range when playing different roles.

An interesting note is that he was the actor chosen to be the voice over and likeness of the next big Star Wars video game called Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. If the game does exceedingly well, I could see him possibly starring in a future Star Wars movie about the time near the setting of Rogue Story happens. There is already a character in the video game that has come out in. Star Wars movie if I reme correctly. Disney could tie him in as a side story and who knows what else.

In short, I think he’s a very good young actor.

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This one is strong, too

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