Another trip to market

It was horrible, first i noticed the gigantic hexagram on the front of the store, and then i walked in.

There was tortured flesh to buy all over the place, i couldn’t help but say to myself “goddamn im eating dead pig flesh to stay alive.”

There were several mostly rotted women.

Dying children wandered around with their parents not knowing what was what.

I was in people’s way, they weren’t in mine, i was only in their way although it was mutual.

There were mean whores at times, drenched in lust and wearing the usual uniforms.

And then up to the register to pay to much for all of this poisonous food i am forced to buy.

Goddamn, this must be hell!

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Sounds like you live in some kind of novel by Dante.

I have to go there this afternoon, except nobody’s drenched in lust in my town market.

maybe this is hell pans, u never know eh? although people r the worst animal in it as far as i’m concerned. not many, but a few deserve all the hell that god can muster…if there is a god, that is…