Another shooting by someone in psychosis

I hate to break the news but in Copenhagen a 22 year old who took meds for psychosis has shot 3 people in a shopping center.

I hate when these types of stories break.

Any thoughts?

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Yeah I made a post about this. There where rumors online that he was psychotic. So it’s now confirmed??

I think he wasn’t med compliant from what I heard.


I just watched the Belgian news and they said he took meds for psychosis.

I didn’t see your thread.

My mistake.


If someone is having psychotic delusions they need to be hospitalized. If they don’t want to take meds then they need to be restrained.

My friend has to take his shots, otherwise the cops arrest him and take him to the hospital where they force him to take his shot.


I just wonder how he got his guns.

Can’t be easy in Denmark.


I think it was s hunting rifle which he used. Probably his father’s or someone close to him.

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Terrible what happened, i heard it too. I am thinking as well, where does he got the gun from ?


Sadly meds don’t work for everyone and these patients stay psychotic and possibly dangerous all their lives. I think they should be locked up in a forensic psych ward all their life.


“Quetiapine does not work.”


He should be put on Clozapine then.


:clap: NOT :clap: ALL :clap: INDIVIDUALS :clap: EXPERIENCING :clap: PSYCHOSIS :clap: ARE :clap: VIOLENT :clap:

…This is gonna bring on a shiitstorm of epic proportions, especially since this tragic event occurred in a country where gun acquisition is pretty difficult in the first place.

I truly believe that those individuals experiencing psychosis while simultaneously committing atrocities have underlying issues as well as a mental illness.

Fuuck, I mean, I remember even in my deepest psychosis there was NO way in hell I could have put all my resources together along with summoning up the brain power to commit anything remotely close to violence.

I was too busy thinking an actual fly was sending me messages from the goddess Gaia and trying not to die by telepathy.

There are definitely other factors at play here.

Bad apple in the bunch.

Extremely tragic for everyone involved.


Id imagine the ratio of psychotic shootings to non psychotic is skewed to the non psychotic by a mile

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I agree with @Schztuna
It’s more than psychosis


My experience over the years is that this illness reduces impulse control and lets pre-existing tendencies out. Not good when one someone who is always angry and has violent impulses becomes profoundly ill.


I’m just guessing here, but it’s possible there has been a slip from whoever was responsible for giving this guy meds.(If it’s true about the video where he mentions quetiapine).

Quetiapine isn’t a particular strong AP, they could have put him on something else. Maybe he requested it and he didn’t get any alternatives. Not that it in any way justifies what he did, but might explain the video.


Parades in the states are not safe either. 6 dead and 24 wounded in Chicago today.

Shooter has not been caught yet.



That’s totally crazy. I’ll just leave it at that since we can’t discuss politics.


The thing is enough sane people are shooters that it balances the statistics. What sucks is that whenever a psychotic person does it, every person with an illness becomes a scapegoat.


Just wondering if violent video games are a factor…young men and guns…etc.

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