Another senseless shooting

It’s officially normal for 18 year olds to go shooting random people.

This is why I don’t want to visit America any time soon… so many mass shootings! Gun violence needs to be addressed.


I don’t want to leave my home. I just ordered delivery prescription for tomorrow - I’m missing a dose but not going out.

A month ago there was a mass shooting 5 miles from my home.


Stay safe! @Kxev


there was a shooter in my town…pinned down three cop cars wearing armour and automatic weapons…swat had to come in and free the cops…I live in a small town…it is going to be the norm until they ban them.


They did ban automatic weapons. A very long time ago.

they reopened it dude…yes and it stopped the rampages.

I guess you are talking about the assault weapons ban of 1994. I can see that. I imagine .223 swift bullets in some of those things could get some penetration.