Another question to ponder tonight when you're bored

Why do many people feel that dogs or cats licking them is ok, some even like it, but would be grossed out by some random person licking them clean?

I mean, generally speaking, humans don’t lick their own genitals and whatnot so I would think you would prefer them to lick your face (or lips, gross) to an animal that may have spent the last 20 minutes cleaning their own private parts with their tongue.

Also, these animals sometimes eat feces and other undesirable things. I have yet to see a human eating a pile of excrement. It probably happens, but I bet it’s rare.

Anyway, this is the question I’m pondering tonight and I wanted to invite you along for the ride.


Ew. Makes me wanna barf just thinking about that. I don’t have pets now but when I do have them I will not let them lick me.

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Since dogs and cats regularly lick themselves and others (other cats, dogs, humans), I guess it seems like their natural behavior so it is more acceptable than if a human licked others.

On maybe a similar note, I feel like I would be a lot less grossed out if I found one of my cats or dogs hair on my food than if I found a human hair on my food.

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A human would have a weird motive to lick you.

Animals do it because they love you or are excited.

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human mouths can spred diseases but ive never got a disease from a pet licking me


Have you or anyone you know got a disease from a human mouth?

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Kissing your cat - Vetwest Veterinary Clinics.

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all the time. most illnesses are spread from bodily fluids like saliva. i guess i shoulda said illness and not disease. but thats what i meant. ive never got strep or the flu or mono from a pet.


I will admit that as a puppy I let my dog lick me on occasion, but I don’t anymore.

Thats true. The motives are more pure. Although sometimes I think they just like the salt on our skin :stuck_out_tongue: . As a puppy, my dog would go for the ears ,because of the ear wax, I think.

Edit: I still catch her licking my pillow on occasion where i may have left a sweat residue on a high blood sugar or hot night.

I miss my old dog Shiloh he was a great dog and funny story when I didn’t wanna go to school my mom would get the dog to lick my face till I got out of bed I loved him like family


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