Another profet profetising

Theres this guy on facebook a great deal of religious people deem a profit named Marcus Rogers. Today his post said ‘dont let the kingdom get you down. The kingdom of God is about to move on the earth. This has always been about the kingdom.’ then he quoted above it saying ‘A shift will take place within the next two weeks.’. Now ive never been one for profits, if anything id say the extent of my profit idealism comes from the Simpsons. But I found this innerving so I decided to share. Its sad that so many people with all that has been happening this year are already anticipating the next big thing rather than relishing in what has already happened for the sake of learning from it. Am I alone on this thought?

Sorry but religious discussion is a triggering topic for many here and although I appreciate your sentiment in this post I think this could lead to issues.

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