Another plot query? Our play

The story has changed now…

A young woman packs her things to go to university
She finds a book with fairy tales she wrote as a child. This book is opened and we are in the claustrophobic kitchen of a small cottage in the middle of nowhere
The mother prepares the table for someone who we never see while the daughter opens the book to her imagination.
A fog descends on the house and she is afraid of a creature in the forest. To escape she draws rel iLife from the book as she did as a child , writing her story which comes alive on the page.
We see another actor play out bit by bit the story of Snow White and the seven suitors … The ex’s she admits to… Interspersed with the quest of finding the forest creature
Her mum ties a peice of string to herself to go out into the forest to look for the creature but comes back at the end of the play empty handed.
The mother puts her 2 daughters to bed and tucks them in
As she is doing this the creature appears in the bedroom, and is passed from mother to daughter , the daughter looking up at her mum and seeing her own face reflected back

Thanks for getting this far…we have 3, 22 year old female actors and a 52 yr old one.

I can’t see this plot having satisfying roles for all 4 actors

Can anyone see a way in? I know its a brain drain


how about at one point in the play you have all four actors with relevant backdrops( optional ) talking sometimes in unison and singular…going down the line of actors expleting their fears and future hopes .
may bring a colaborative unison to the play and give the four actors a chance to shine at the same time.
just a dark sith musing.
take care


Hi x
The story is still changing…
I like that technique though, thanks

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