Another place I can't go to

I can’t go to a vape shop anymore. My mind likes to latch onto negative ■■■■ and torture me with it. They stood there staring at me and the male called me a lesbian. The workers. I know which side my butter is on.

Whore hoe ■■■■ ■■■■■ gay/lesbian hunchback, dumbass etc. I guess I’m everything under the sun now. The voices got excited about the vape shop. So I’m going to hear it for a while.

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Have you seen your pdoc?

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I’ll see him Jan 14,th. He’ll probably raise the latuda. I’m fine with that


they’re usually young punks in there

they come off like a dirty shirt

sorry, honey.

Can you take something to calm down?

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I’ve Klonopin better than nothing

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