Another pic of yourself

Post another pic of yourself, but not you, a picture that sums you up, who and how you really are.

This is me. When i see someone who doesn’t know me they don’t see this, they just see an ugly stupid lazy fat guy, but my literal appearance doesn’t do it justice really.

So, this is really me, it doesn’t feel very good.

It’s my natural reaction to this horrible thing we are doing, it’s a mix of terror and sadness, despair. I don’t know which to be more of, they all make so much sense, so it just mixes up.

This is me, trying to be calm and cool on the outside, with all sorts of madness on the inside. I don’t think it captures the level of pain like yours does though.


I have a feeling this is how other people see me.


I never understood the discrimination against donkeys.


I think this is pretty much how I feel inside my head…

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Artist and dreamer - 20 years old.


This is what I strive for…

But in reality this is my normal day…

I’m the Invisible Man.

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I hear they might put out another album.

c’est moi

<img src="/uploads/default/175/7be0384e8f05df1d.jpg" width=“625” height=“500”

Equal rights for donkeys !!

This sums me up the best.

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