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Is there anything such as childhood schizophrenia? If there is, how would one know that child suffers from it? Also, is there a difference between the two??

Yes, there is such a thing as childhood schizophrenia. if you suspect your child has a mental illness than the thing to do is to take him/her to a psychiatrist so he/she can be evaluated. If someone has schizophrenia, their prognosis will be better if they are treated as soon as possible.

Psychosis is like ten times worse for a child than an adult. Think the behavioral differences would be noticed. Probably best to see a child psychologist before psychiatrist. Because the brains still developing any issues addressed in therapy would greatly reduce symptoms. Would also give you a more educated guess if meds would or wouldn’t be needed and a sounding block.

At six years old, January Schofield, “Jani,” to her family, was diagnosed with schizophrenia

There’s several tv documentary shows about this, i think they’re kinda interesting.

I had it…watching for signs in my 5 and two year old…so far so good…

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My 7 year old has already seen a psychologist and a psychiatrist because we have noticed some things of concern, but they both assured us that it is not sz.