Another one of my schizo fantasies. is me j.j cale, jenifer aniston

hanging out in the back of jennifer aniston’s backyard, while jj cale plays the guitar, and i make jokes haha. for some reason i think me and jj cale would have been good friends, he died almost as soon as i discovered him, i was obsessed with him for a year or two. maybe in our next life.


I think it would have been cool to hang out with the late comedian Bill Hicks. I’d love to hear his perspective on the world now.

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yeah bill hicks is great. my friend evan introduced me to him when we were in university, we used to get stoned and watch all his standups. i always remember his line about the first gulf war, something like “they have very good weapons” , “how do we know?” “we checked the receipt” haha.

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Yeah, he was brilliant !

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Big jj cale fan here. A style as easy as breathing. Very cool guy

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I listen to “shades” by j.j. cale almost once a day…good choice !! I listened to him a lot back in high school then just about two years ago I remembered having “shades” by him and now it’s one of my mellow go to’s…


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