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Another one bites the roomba


I am back with a resolution to keep training for power and athleticism. Just did 100lb 5x3 deadlift and squats superset timing. Gotta get after it.

Also landed a job as an academic writer. I have I don’t know what, but it feels like paranoid schizophrenia, or bipolar plus schizophrenia-type shittlet.

Rock it man.


Hey Welcome Back Mortimer!
It’s always nice to see you around!


so you are a writer now? what happened to the other thing? was it too much? i dont think i could have done all of that, i am trying to get a job as a part time support worker soon, after another 5 weeks i will start applying as i am at a college course with my gf working on my cv and things, cant wait until i apply and bag me some proper work :slight_smile: ,

i cant really weight lift that well, its good to stay in shape, i have been more active lately though taking longer walks and things thats about the best i can do at the moment.



It was all joking. I decided to work right now and set my dedication to another program.