Another life update

I’m doing fairly well, all things considered. I got married (though I think I mentioned that already), I’m restarting my garb business, and I’m happy with where my life is.

That being said, they’ve had to up my antidepressant recently. My new doctor is a lot more personable, but less attentive, I think. I need to actually tell him what’s going on, instead of just answering questions, and I’m not good at telling people what’s going on. Not in person, anyway.

I’ve had a lot of intrusive thoughts and strange urges lately. Often when driving, I’ll have the sudden urge to steer into a telephone pole. It’s not so much suicidal as just self destructive. Of course, I never act on them, but it’s very unsettling. Other than that it’s been paranoia and irrational fears. But I KNOW they’re irrational, so how bad could they be? I’ll need to talk to my doctor about that stuff next time.

It’s always heartening to hear that one of us is doing well. I’m happy for you. Try to minimize your self destructive urges. Don’t let them get the better of you. I’m impressed with your success. It would be tragic if it got derailed.

My brother has depression from his sz, but whenever he tried antidepressants, he had very bad reactions. I found multiple places online that said antidepressants were a tricky business with sz meds and should be avoided as they tend to cause suicidal tendancies and other bad responses. The depression is usually from Serotonin issues and should be treated with meds that help with mood like Risperdal or Seroquel that work on 5-HT receptors. There are lots of sz’s on antidepressants, so I’m not saying it shouldn’t be done. I’m just not sure it’s always the best solution, and if it’s done, it should be carefully watched.