Another interview

He said by year 3 or 5 you would be in six figures but I can get six figure jobs already.

I am supposed to start this solar sales job on Monday. The commissions are really good. And if I don’t sell anything I won’t lose my disability.

Nothing to lose really. I just have to find my iPad. No clue where it is right now. I have looked several times. I could use my laptop but that thing is slower than daylight.

I went to training for the solar sales job on Monday but they didn’t give us a lunch break and I got a big headache. The guy said he was going to send us homework to do and I didn’t get it until after 830 pm. That’s when I go to bed.

The next day I couldn’t go to all the vending machines I had before training started. So I didn’t go back.

But then Wednesday this recruiter calls me about an industrial manager job in my town that pays over six figures and has a $700 a month car allowance. I am supposed to get an interview next week. Fingers crossed but I ain’t that lucky :four_leaf_clover:

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Some guy just offered me an aircraft mechanic job $1500 a week. 6 days a week 7 am to 5 pm. An hour and 15 minutes from home. That’s too much. He wants me to take a drug test and do a background check.

I have an interview with a different solar company tomorrow.


I’m blown away by the number of job opportunities you’re surrounded by. I wound up in my current role because it was the only job opening locally that didn’t completely suck. All of the “good” jobs were with the local government and no one got those without either knowing or being related to someone there already. I’m just lucky that it turned out okay.


I asked the guy with the aircraft mechanic job if they had anything part time. He never answered me. I blew three interviews last week for local jobs but I was talking to some guy about a bunch of jobs with the space force. They want me to interview for one so far but it doesn’t pay that well. It’s in Florida. I would work for that locally but not move for that salary. Yet it sounds like a cool job. I am going to see if I get any more hits on the others.

I am still looking for jobs. I talked to a guy with a small airline yesterday. I was the first person he called. He was a marine aviator too. Everything sounded good until he said it’s not in Florida anymore and they want me to go to Pennsylvania instead. They are growing. I ain’t lost a damn thing in Pennsylvania. Too damn cold there for me. They fly to Hawaii and Alaska though so that’s pretty cool. I have always wanted to go to Alaska. Never been.

Then he also said they want me to fly also but he did throw in there if I still had my medical. So maybe people are figuring that part out.

I got offered a local job managing an oil change place that also does mechanic work. I would be primarily focused on the mechanic side of things. This guy was a marine also. He hired me in the first two minutes and said the interview was a formality.

But it’s long hours. From like 730 to 6 pm 5 days a week and pays $850 a week to start. I don’t think I will do that. I think I could move up fast and make more but that’s too long of a day. If it was like 330 or 4 maybe.

Still looking.

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Good luck on your search!

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My local branch is hiring new brokers. Will train.


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Thanks. I am kinda far from the northern border.

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But wait, I haven’t told you about the exciting and very low starting wage!

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I got offered another job with an airline. It’s crazy hours. And I would have to move. When I did the interview I had horrible cell service and couldn’t even hear what they were saying. They didn’t even ask me many questions. They did all the talking.

The guy was a Marine. That’s probably the only reason I got the job. Supposed to get an offer letter next week.

Probably won’t take it.


I got the offer letter. They were going to pay me relocation also. Up to $4500 but it was one of those things you had to front yourself and then give receipts and be reimbursed.

It was near the Great Lakes.

I told them no. I actually have an interview in my town for a good aviation job on Tuesday. Not many aviation jobs here. Hard to come by.

Problem is I have interviewed with them twice before and never got an offer

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