Another interview

I still haven’t heard whether or not I got that job I interviewed for on Monday. They told me in the interview they would let me know Tuesday morning.

I talked to another aerospace company today that wants to fly me to Indiana for an assessment to work on their engines. The pay is like $34 an hour. That’s not bad but not something I would really consider moving for. I may go to the assessment. They will fly me out there. Put me up in a hotel, get me a rental car and provide meals. I have never been to Indiana. That’s one place I have never been.

I had another interview today on the phone with an aerospace company in Kansas. They pay like $42 an hour plus per diem. But the guy said the shifts are like from 5 am to 330 pm. Only four days a week but still. That’s too damn early for me but he said I should get a yes or no in 3 to 5 business days. He really liked my resume. I think they are going to offer me that one. A recruiter linked me up with him.

I got an email from another aerospace company today hiring in New Orleans but they want you to be current. I am not current. I told them I would take less pay. Maybe hear back but probably not.

I really don’t want to move. I hope I hear something about the local job soon. My application status on line just says under review. If I didn’t get the job it should say not selected.

I talked to an HR person at a regional airline last week about a QA job. Well they want me to interview next week for the job. They gave me first dibs on an interview time.

It’s in Wisconsin. I haven’t lost anything In Wisconsin either. That sounds way too damn cold but I scheduled a time slot.

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I didn’t get the site manager local job. I didn’t hear back from anyone. Just got an automated email that they weren’t moving forward. May have been my background check but they didn’t say.

. My application for the mechanic job is still under review but when I went to the interview they only talked to me about the site manager job. It was too early in the morning for me anyway.

I have a lot of other things working but nothing local. I would have to move.

I am just trying to talk my wife into selling our investment property. I wouldn’t have to go back to work and can just stay on SSDI.

I will probably get fired from any job I get anyway.

One of the jobs I am working on is right by Oakland and San Francisco in Northern California.

I just called and found a trailer park that might have room for my Rv. The rent is 1395 a month. Plus utilities.

That’s a lot for a 25 foot trailer but the job pays really well. I had to give them a start date. It’s real soon.

They do a background check but I don’t think they will check my credit. There is no drug test. The ad says that. It’s California.

This is not an aviation job but in logistics but they are looking for prior military and provide training.

That’s really far from home. I liked Southern California though. I lived there for 10 years.

Ok. I landed another interview this morning. It’s in the northeast close to Canada.

Not really my cup of tea but a good job.

The director of operations for an air charter company.

I have to get something sooner or later.

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Honestly, it would drive me insane to apply for as many jobs as you do.

I’ve been always good at landing jobs even post-sz. I focus on a couple applications and prepare really well. People can tell and it makes a difference. Just my advice.


Yeah. I apply to a lot of things. And I don’t tailor my resume or cover letter to a specific job.

I just got the call that they want to interview me for the logistics job near San Francisco.

I will probably get an interview about the operations director job in the northeast tomorrow or Friday.

I would rather the aviation job but I would prefer California over the Northeast. I don’t like cold. I don’t even have what you would call a winter jacket.

Thanks for the advice.

My problem is all these jobs I get leads on are so damn far from home.

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I didn’t get the job in California. I just interviewed yesterday and they let me know today so I didn’t have to wait long. I put on a suit and everything.

The aviation director job they are still screening applicants and haven’t interviewed anyone yet.

I interviewed for an aircraft mechanic job today it’s in my state but not close so I would have to move.

I have another interview for an aircraft mechanic job in Florida. And they said maybe other locations too but I guess I will find out tomorrow. Probably have to move for that too.

I don’t really want to move.

But tomorrow afternoon I have an in person interview for a local sales job. I wouldn’t have to move and I think it’s commission only so if I don’t make any money I won’t lose my SSDI. That may be ideal. Will see how the interview goes.

I had two interviews on Thursday.

One is washing aircraft engines. They want me to be a supervisor. But I would have to move to Orlando and be on the road a lot. They didn’t tell me what they would pay me and I didn’t ask.

But the guy emailed me on Friday and wants me to do a second interview on Tuesday. I would have to pass a DOT physical and drive around a 23,000 pound truck. He says you don’t need a CDL. But he also wanted to know my MS Office skills and seemed enthusiastic about me being above average in Word and power point. So I guess it’s a lot of office time also.

I interviewed for the solar sales job on Thursday as well. They offered me the job. I tentatively said yes and that I would start in two weeks. These solar systems are anywhere from $25,000 to $150,000. The average one is $50,000. The commission is good. I don’t have to move for that. And I think I would still have time to run my vending machines.

I am getting a new vending machine next week and am moving one I already have to a new location so two new accounts next week. One is a middle school and ones an elementary school. Hoping for good sales.

And I found a discount store that’s got some really good deals on snacks and drinks. A fraction of what they cost at Sams and Costco. My profit margin on that stuff is going to be huge.


I am supposed to start the solar sales job next week but I got offered an insurance sales job today too.

And this morning I talked to a government contractor that said my security clearance is still good. I have had four other people tell me I am no longer eligible. It’s for an aviation analyst role. Big bucks but of course far from home. Not California though.

I think I am going to take one of the sales roles I got tighter out which one. Probably make more selling solar and don’t have to take a test.




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There must be a pilot shortage also. I have gotten five emails looking for pilots in the last two days.

Really wish I could say yes. I asked one lady if they had any non flying jobs. An EMS company.

Like you wouldn’t believe here in Canada. Google “Sunwing” and “cancelled flights” and “Christmas”.

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I just got off the phone with Social Security and they say I have another 9 months of trial work period. She said it showed 0 but that I have 9 and don’t have to wait five years.

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I signed up with some employment agency with ticket to work. They said they would notify Social Security and that I had 12 months of trial work period with them.

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The employment agency asked me to order a BPQY from Social Security. You have to call them and they mail it to you.

It says I have used 0 trial work months. I worked from 2017 to 2020.

It also says my reviews are at 7+ years. The next one is in 2029. I will be 59 then.

I am going to have to go download my medical records from the VA. They must still be really bad.

I figured they were better since I was working again and went off SSDI.


No I worked until December of 21. I am a year off. I figured they would want to review me more often but I guess not.

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I wound up logging into LinkedIn last night because my wife sent me something there she wanted me to look at. Over 40 offers from recruiters for insurance jobs all across Western Canada. About half looked to be remote work.

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Yeah. I never called that insurance guy back. He said average 1st year earnings were about $38,000 and with the bonus about $50,000.

My SSDI check is about $3000 a month. I want to make more than that if I risk losing it.

He said I would probably be above average though. Even at only 30 hours a week.

And eventually you make a lot more with residuals. It was with Aflac. They offer nice benefits. I am still thinking about it.

My brother in law worked for them for 10 years and he did really well. He has his own business now doing basically the same thing.

He is really a people person though. He could sell ice to Eskimos.


That’s not very much.

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