Another interview

That mustache makes me want to fight


Well when I left the interview yesterday they said I would hear back by the end of the day.

I never did. And today nothing either so I assume I didn’t get the job.

Good thing because I probably would have tried to do it.

I still haven’t heard back from the Waffle House but I am talking to a headhunter about an aviation project management job for an aviation firm.

The salary is $95,000 a year but requires relocation. They will pay relocation and have corporate apartments to boot.

i haven’t interviewed with the company yet but should get there this week maybe. We will see.

I probably won’t move but it’s a good job.

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I have the interview for the aviation job tomorrow. I hope it goes well. I think they are looking for a younger guy.

Wanted a transitioning O3 but I am a retired O4 and have been retired for more than 10 years.

So they were looking for a 20 or 30 something and I am a 50 something.


Good luck with all of your interviews! There seem to be many of them. You’re getting an A for effort!


I like to eat at Waffle House, at least before COVID when I had a car


The thing to understand about restaurants is that the GM is expected to be able to jump into any role at any time if there is a severe staffing problem. I remember a pissed off GM having to cover the dish pit when our druggie dishwasher got stoned and forgot to come to work. Or working pans and splattering his nice shirt and tie with creole sauce.

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Yeah. My mom told me that too. She had a friend in restaurant management and he was always covering for someone who didn’t show up to their shift.

I learned how to work the grill when I was in the Navy. Did 5 months in the wardroom. I make a mean omelet.

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I did the aviation interview. Only talked to one guy. It doesn’t really sound operations oriented. Part of the duties is reserving hotels, hangars, and rental cars.

I am a little overqualified for that.

I didn’t get the impression he wanted to hire me but then again I was sure the Waffle House did so who knows.

I asked them when they needed someone as one of my questions and they said March so I think they are in no real hurry. I thought they were going to say ASAP.

Did somebody said waffle house? :smiley:

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I didn’t get the aviation job either.

But today I got referred to three high ranking government jobs in the aviation sector.

The starting pay is over $125,000. 28 people applied. I don’t know how many got referred.

But you need a secret clearance. Mine is inactive and no good anymore. I don’t know if I can get it reinstalled

Probably not going to get one of those but if they offer me one I will take it.

I landed another interview. Aviation project manager. This one ain’t so far away. I have to get one of these jobs. Only about 100 miles from home. I could park my Rv there and go home on the weekends.