Another interview

I am going to have an interview for a management job at Waffle House soon.

It’s 6 days on and 2 days off. Probably too much for me but the pay is good. You get a signing bonus and $4000 a year bonus for having a four year degree. The job description didn’t say anything about having a masters degree. I have one of those. The training is 3 months long.

I also have to run my wife and my business. Don’t know what the hours are yet.

Not sure when the interview will be either. The lady messaged me on linked this morning asking when I was available.

I said any time.


Good luck, hope it works out for you.

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Um, whut? I thought you two were splitsville. Also, I think that’s backwards? My wife runs me.


Good for you. I hope it works out. :duck::duck::duck:

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We still own the business together. Actually she owns it. I just help out.

Your lawyer is okay with this???

I can’t afford a lawyer yet. Don’t have much of a choice.

I borrowed all the money to buy the business but established an LLC for it with my wife as the sole member.

The business doesn’t make nearly as much money as I was told it would. Right now there is like $83 in the business account.

I couldn’t afford to pay the loans back I took out so my credit went to crap. I can’t borrow five cents.

The divorce attorney wants $10,000 down to get started.

I am not going to be able to do that for a while. We have about $200,000 in equity in our rental home. If we sell it at market value with all closing costs and realtor fees we should pocket $160,000. I don’t know what the taxes would be. I am trying to talk the wife into selling. The tenants lease is up March 15th 2023. My wife wants to keep it though.

We live in a community property state and both of our names are on the title and the loan. I can’t sell if she doesn’t agree.

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I guess that’s all kinds of phooey. Fingers crossed for you, bro. We current and former 'Vette owners gotta stick together.


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Well maybe they search the internet. I have never heard back about an interview time.

Well the recruiter from Waffle House got back to me. She wants to interview me and had me fill out a formal application.

I applied because a lifelong friend of mines wife used to work there. He and she always said it was a good job.

But I texted him yesterday about the opportunity. He said don’t do it. His wife said things changed there recently and she quit and went to manage a steakhouse. The last time we spoke she loved it.

The lady told me on the phone during training you have to work 55 hours a week and punch a clock. That’s just too much for me. After training you are salaried and don’t have to punch a clock anymore and usually are off by 3 pm but 55 hours a week is just too much.

There is no way I could keep up with that. I would have no time to run my vending machines.

I am going to stick with coaching new vending machine operators. I just have to be careful to not go over $1300 a month.

I was going to come off of SSDI again if I took the Waffle House job.


Well I decided to go to the interview anyway. 9 am tomorrow.

A couple people have contacted me about aircraft mechanic jobs too. But they are all out of state. That part time gig here didn’t pan out but I told them to let me know if they changed their minds. I am not current any longer. Last work I did on airplanes was like in 2019. Longer than 2 years you lose your currency and have to work 6 months to get it back.

Man, that’s the first restaurant I’ve been in where people waved guns at each other. That doesn’t happen up north.

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I filled out an application at the Harley Davidson dealership today also. For service writer. They wanted to hire me when I was working for the IRS but it would have been a pay cut. New owners now though.

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Yeah. The closest one to me is pretty ghetto. They only do to go orders now. Homeless everywhere.

The one I am going to is by the college near campus. Better area.

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You need to manage a Five Guys location. The only thing that should be ghetto there are the takeout bags! LOL.



I don’t really have a background in the food industry. I just have a lot of management experience. Waffle House has a trainee program. They say the pay is $50 to 60k to start and I get a $2000 signing bonus and an extra $4000 for having a degree. And then the restaurant manager salary is $55k to 72k a year and if you get district or regional manager it’s six figures or more. They promote from within.

I am here. The recruiter just texted me she would be 30 minutes late. Told me to get breakfast on her. I am not big on breakfast. I can eat a donut or two in the morning or a bowl of cereal or something. But bacon, eggs and hash browns with toast is a little too much. Maybe get a waffle.

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Well the interview went well. Now I am worried. I think they might offer me the job.


You shall henceforth be known as Roscoe.