Another idea! "no fun cover band town"

so i had this idea once to print out a comic strip, focusing on my daily adventures in and around town with my own humorous dialogue and cast of characters. i thought i would print out a bunch and weekly leave them around town as a free publication for the locals to read. of course i imagine the local citizens would put the kabosh on this idea. which gives me the idea for my first episode titled “no fun cover band town”


Nice, I’m learning how to make animated cartoons. I’m learning how to use adobe character animator.
You can rig characters as puppets and you operate them with your webcam and specified hot keys. The webcam maps your eye,eyebrows nose mouth movement, head turns etc in realtime.
Really cool software!

I always have had funny ideas for cartoons so finally there’s some software where I don’t have to be amazing at drawing lol :smiley:


i think i would be the star of my comic, yaz, pronounced yazzy informally, which is my pen name and only has 3 letters like god haha. and also the voice in my head “sir valiant”. i would have to come up with more characters of town people.

i’ve thought of 2 episodes about the renaissance. one would be “yaz enslaves the renaissance fair” about my derailing the renaissance and banishing them to ohio haha, so they don’t overthrow my kingdom and change things, which i hate change.

and then the other episode would be the opposite of that “renaissance on the river” about revitalizing and remaking our little town.

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