Another example of why not to give up on humanity

I got home from work today at 3:00 pm. About a half hour later I heard a knock at my door.I opened the door and it was the sweet old lady down the hall. She doesn’t speak English but from her gestures I gathered she wanted me to follow her into her apartment. So I followed and once we were in she led me to her hallway. She pointed towards her bathroom door and I could see it had a padlock on it.She made motions and I understory that she was asking me for a drill. I guess she lost the key and she wanted me to drill out the lock to get it off. I shook my head no, I did not have a drill. So I said “Kyle”, he’s the maintenance man who takes care of all 150 units. She understood and after a little more pantomiming I understood that she needed me to call him to help. So I called the main office and told the manager the situation.Well I went out again and I got home at 9:00 pm tonight. I heard a knock and it was her again. She said “thanks Nick” and handed me a Hershey’s chocolate bar. The BIG ones. I like chocolate of course but it meant more to me than just a free candy bar. It was just the idea and the thought behind it that made me feel good.


Proof again your a big sweetie!


Nope, i still give up on humanity.

I just can’t not give up on humanity.

Although my giving up on everyone is inconsequential anyway and makes no difference at all.

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I am more concerned with myself than humanity as a whole. I think that most politicians need to be executed, I live in an oligarchy. I just do well for myself and let other people realize that they can do the same. I do have hope for humanity, but I put myself above others. I can worry about other people when I have my education finished, the job I want and the life I want. Right now I just worry about myself.

Being ambitious, trying to leave the economic class I live in today is not easy. It takes years of hard work, the world won’t give you what you want unless you become it’s slave. Im on the way, I have a full scholarship to college, I dont pay to be there earning my bachelors, it’s a free college degree, I hope to get scholarships to grad school too.

I just can’t slow down and worry about other people too much, but one day I will have resources to make a difference- I want to work in research or clinical, I can’t decide, probably research due to my personality cough psychopath cough and I hope to make a positive impact by educating people and furthering human knowledge.

I really wish that my life was simpler sometimes. My dad just got an MBA and didn’t make straight A’s, he came out alright. I just feel like I have more in me. Before schizophrenia I wanted to become an officer in the Navy SEALs through ROTC and then move on to the FBI or CIA. I wanted to be the leader of the FBI’s HRT outfit or a CIA SAD operative. I am very bright and also a serious athlete, always have been.

Well, it’s nice to have goals alright. Your dreams of a military career didn’t work out but it’s great that you’re still aiming high. Good luck.

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:smiley:xx Yeah!ok-so since this will only post with 20 characters in it-I`ll just say XXXXXXXX

The other day I was working in a park, assessing some space for a new garden and a couple came up to me and shyly asked if there was a homeless encampment in that park. I knew there was, but I’m always afraid to give that sort of info out to do goods who just want to set the homeless on fire or kick our ass for being homeless.

I did say, “there are homeless around in this park.”
They nodded, went away for a bit and came back with a wagon load of flats of water.

They asked if there was a way to give this to the homeless camp. I told them that the “Aloha House” deals more directly with homeless camps so it would be a good idea to take all the water there and let the out reach people hand it out. Having been a resident of Aloha myself, I made a quick call later and found out that the people did show up there, and dropped off a lot of water and blankets.

I haven’t given up on humanity yet either.