Another dumb story, about a square

I had the fine oppurtunity to go see a concert once.

We were up against the barrier watching them get ready and the keyboardist was there doing his thing for whatever reason.

So, as a schizophrenic i must be wierd and i let out a big akward “yyyeeeaaahhhhh”.

The keyboardist looked up at me, directly into my eyes, and drew a square with his hands at me.

I suppose that makes me a square. It was awful, embarrassing, just makes you feel bad really. Nice way to ruin the night you arsehole, i didn’t deserve that.

It was a good show though, i even tried to dance but found i couldn’t really, everytime i think about my dancing that night i kind of crack up about it, i hope no one got that on video because i never want to see that again.

A guy also walks up during the show and offers me a pipe to smoke, we went into the corner and as i brought it up to my mouth some agents walked up to me and took it from me. Oops.

And a guy sold me some fake cookies.

I would have to say it was just another bad night on planet earth.