Another Day

As I open my eyes,
Starting blindly at the ceiling,
Feeling down and upright shitty,
I close them back,
Darkness is all I see,
Right in front of me,
I seem to like it.

After some time I try to open my eyes again,
Light creeps in through my window sill,
I can hear the birds starting to chirp,
Dogs barking in the distance,
Car alarms going off,
Busy people starting their day.

I toss and turn, moan and groan,
Wanting to see the dark again,
The light gets brighter as time passes,
I get out of my bed.

As I leave my room I look back and envision,
Another day in this mental prison,
The light gives me hope,
It’s something I look for,
Even though silence and darkness puts me at peace,
I look forward to what another day brings.


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