Another Covid-19 Thread - Impact on Healthcare?

I have had my illness mis-treated as anxiety was the focus

Now I have really bad negative symptoms to the point of wanting to end my life

The illness seems to have progressed since Covid-19 left it mis-diagnosed for 2 years

I do not see me being able to achieve much of anything further in my life, and things look bleak

Have been off work for 6 months now, and each day that passes it gets worse


Negative symptoms improve it just takes time remember youve been switching meds recently and your body has to get used to a med and that takes a long time

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There’s no proof of this.

Not trying to be negative. I am also sick of negative symptoms.

I’m not gonna give up on life - but being a functional is what I am aiming for.

Maybe it gets better - like people say.

There’s really nothing to do but try to be functional.