Another busy day at the schizophrenia office

Do you ever feel like that? My symptoms seem worse in the mornings and ease up in the evening.

So now I feel like I’ve actually put in a days work and now it’s time to relax a bit.


Interestingly for me things have gotten harder as the day goes on.


I’m the opposite, I get worse as the day progresses. I’m most likely to take a klonopin at 5 - 6 p.m.

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Same, worse as the day goes on.

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I feel pretty bad when I get up. It gets better but I struggle a bit throughout the day. Once night hits I am tired from another day at the sz office!

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i can relate @everhopeful !
i wake up in the morning so buzzed and energetic, almost to the point of psychosis.
but as i take my seroquel, i feel better.
but sleepy.

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