Another antipsychotic fails again

been on a host of meds. This past time I thought we found “the one”-Invega . At first it worked at 6mg then my dad died and I was under a lot of stress so the pdoc ramped it up to 9mg the voices went away for about a week and the stress got worse-sister long story- so last week he increased it to the max 12mg. Well I had severe reactions and he ramped me back down to 6mg yesterday and next Thursday he said he will put me on something new. So frustrating!!! This isn’t the first time so I shouldn’t be surprised but this was the first time I didn’t have voices for more than one day. What about you what’s your story of meds?

I am under a lot of stress now myself - Stress can break through the therapeutic effects of the meds.
I have been symptomatic because of the added stress - I may have to raise the Risperdal dose some more or go on to something else.

Hang in there, hopefully you will feel less stressed out and you will find some stability.
Talking to a therapist can help, especially when added stress is involved

I do talk to tdoc twice a week, and text him a couple days more. (Very needy right now) I have a sister who took “care” of my dad while she drank every day for the past six years and didn’t work because she lost her 20 yr job for drinking on the job. She can’t get a job, she won’t give up her five dogs and a cat to move in with my sister to get help. She has no money. She is living in my dads house and the utilities are shut off and it’s still 30*F there. She is using her food stamps to buy meat to feed her dogs instead of her. She only gets $200 a month. She has told us that she will live in her car with her dogs and her cat before she will give them up. Very stressful.

There aren’t many meds I havent tried with the exception of the new ones after 2011. I had to stop seeing my pdoc and eventually lost my insurance as well.
Ran out of meds in the early part of 2012.

Geodon and Seroquel have kept me stable for 11 years.

I was fairly stable- still had voices- with Geodon for five years then it quit working. Allergic reaction to Serroquel sent me to the hospital couldn’t breathe off half a tab!

Stress can really affect your mental health in a bad way.Not a good medication or combination of medication won’t help people like us either.You need to be on the right medication or combo of meds and also learn to be contend and not let stress affect you too much.Being in a good routine,having good balance of stress can really benefit people like us

I was on Geodon much too long. Got psychotic. I can stand a lot of mental stress but physical stress sends me into a tailspin. I’m too old to stress myself physically. Medication is only a means to an end, not an end in itself. Stressful too is the endless searching for the right drug, the triage (?) to find the right dose, the disappointment when it doesn’t work, the money involved, the relationship with the doctor him or herself.

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That’s what happened to me it quit working and I had decline. What med are you on now.

Latuda and Seroquel at night, with Trileptal in the morning and afternoon

My Seroquel / Latuda combo works pretty well I think… but when I’m stressed… I will have some symptoms amp up again.

Then when the voices and paranoia and panic finally fade due to the stress not being there any more… I’m drained and flat and disconnected. It’s a constant swing…

positive… negative.

I’m keeping my Latuda / Seroquel. But my doc wants to add mood stabilizers. For now… I’m leaning towards Depakote.


If you were talking efficacy which do you think is better the latuda or seroquel. If the doc said choose one , which would you go for?

Interested as I like one of those meds , just on the look out for something better

I would go with the Latuda. I call Seroquel a suicide pill because it causes suicidal thoughts. Of course, you must remember, I am taking both of these at night for sleep. The Seroquel causes morning sickness for me-weakness of body and mind and a slight nausea. As a daytime medication, I would definitely choose the Latuda.

Cheers have heard good things bout it