Anosognosia: Lack of Insight Into Mental Illness

Has anyone overcome anosognosia?
If so, are you willing to share what is it that you found helpful.
Thank you.

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Time was the only thing they helped me get over that.

That and kinda making mental notes about delusions I had. I then revisited these mental notes two weeks later to see which ones panned out to be true.

After getting enough evidence to disprove my paranoid thoughts I kinda moved on. But this took a long time.

Some people get lucky with meds, some with psychological talking therapies

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Thank you for sharing, Jimbob.
It seems you are able to reason accurately, despite the presence of often inaccurate perceptions of the external world. That was a good idea about the journal.
Sadly, journal keeping does not help my mother. She makes notes of what she ‘sees’, but she’s convinced it is real and is un-phased by evidence to the contrary, and does not like to discuss it with me or the psychiatrist, or any of her friends.
Strong, positive social ties can help develop more accurate evaluations of the external world, serving as surrogates or validators for the person’s own perceptions — but only if the person is receptive.
I’m happy you found a way to work through it over time. I’m hoping some others might share their story as well.


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