Anorexia: why embarrassment still stops so many men from getting help


It’s hard to admit you have a problem. Especially when all you hear is you have to be thin to be happy and desirable and loved.

I’m still struggling with my eating disorder


You sound like one of those ássholes who says that they want to have schizophrenia because they think it would be fun to hear voices.


It would be nice to not always feel like I’m starving. I can be full and still be hungry.

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When I had anorexia I constantly felt like I was starving, and if I stood up too quickly I would pass out from low blood pressure. I worry that it damaged my heart. I also had constant headaches because I would refuse water because it would make me heavier.


What makes you think they don’t always feel like they’re starving?
Some people just have loads of self-control.

I was diagnosed with Willis-Prader at age five. I’ve been in eating clinics with many anorexics and I know some who don’t ever feel hungry. I’d like to not always feel hungry. That’s how I know.

I often don’t feel full up after eating .

Trust me when you don’t eat all day you feel it when you dont eat for 2 it ■■■■■■■ hurts. Go longer it only gets worse

That sort of happens sometimes when you suppress those feelings for a long time.

It’s a problem I’d like to have. I’m at the other end of the extreme.

Trust me, it sucks. Eating becomes a chore and you feel sick and tired all the time. I don’t think it’s any better than your current problem.

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I’d like to trade for some different problems, tired of the ones I have.

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It still seems incredibly insensitive and disrespectful to say such things as if one condition outweighs the other

Okay, the post flagging is getting a bit silly. I’m sharing about my own medical condition and how frustrating it is. I’d like to have a health problem that goes in the opposite direction if I must have one. This isn’t allowed?

I think people might be thinking you’re saying your health problems are worse than anyone else’s

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