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I was following some ‘anonymous’ group on Instagram since they posted about vegan stuff and two nights ago they posted such a horrible ilustration of a ‘woman’ or modern day woman which during the heavy catholicism period were tortured in some ugly ways and I almost puked out of horror.

Their caption was ‘you think Isis is bad, check what the catholics used to do’.

Needless to say I unfollowed them but seriously people always need a reason to hurt another. What a strange world we live in. :frowning:

Then I wanted to research it further and read about massacres by Christians and I even stumbled upon the war back in my hometown country where a group of christians committed a genocide against the Palestinians.

Do you think the world is changing - getting better or it has only become much worse?

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I think the world is actually better now, and rates of violence around the world have fallen, its just that now we’re so interconnected and know of every bad thing that happens, so it seems so much worse


It gets better all the time

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