Anomalous physical characteristics

So I had a siamese tooth as a kid. I now have a serious front gap tooth. Anyone else?

I’d say looking young is anomalous for me. But in the back of my mind i know it’s a good thing. Especially when I turn 50 and I feel I’ll still look 30 because that’s what the reality is for me.

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I have freakishly large boobs. I have to special order all my bras because, as my sister out it, I have fat girl boobs on a skinny body. Seriously considering a reduction. I have to do special physical therapy to strengthen my surrounding muscles.


I also have fire green eyes. I get compliments when my hair is long. People avoid me when it is short. My ex’s say I look intimidating when short, manic eyes or whatever…people are strange.

I look young

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My aunt had to have a reduction and it was no easy task. Much respect.

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