Annoying First World Problems

Lol I thought so after I typed that. :ok_hand: It’s all good

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I had a wireless induction charging pad installed into the center console in Vlad the Impala. I just have to pop my phone in there and it automatically starts charging. It also connects with the car wirelessly. No need to plug in anything.


I think I’ve been out-anused.


crowd laughing


And pretzel scores with a slam dunk from half court.



Cool, how much did all that cost?

$50 for a good charger and about $60 for labour.

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I could afford one but I wouldn’t have room on my console.

My first world problem is that my internet service provider with supposedly 99.9% reliability has had it’s service going in and out for weeks. And this is not the first time.

Are they giving me a discount for having to use my phone instead of my pc for these periods? No, they are not.

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I was thinking about this the other day… People who are hoarders. That’s a first work problem like “help I own to many useful possessions” :sob:

(Just kidding I know it’s part of mental illness sometimes)

My tea and crumpets always get cold before I have a chance to drink and eat them.

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