Annoyed having different experiences to the majority

85% of people with schizophrenia smoke. I don’t. I have found that a little annoying. Also everyone says how sedating Seroquel is. But sedation is not a problem I get from it. The main problem I have gotten is akathisia. Once again annoying a bit

Why does this annoy me?


I do not know why you anoyed by it. Maybe you should find a goal in your life. It is quite difficult to find a goal. It is also difficult for me. I am still searching.

I don’t smoke and seroquel was not sedating to me either. The only AP that’s been Even a little sedating is high doses of haldol oral.

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85%? I wasn’t aware of that statistic, it’s pretty alarming if it’s true. I never smoked myself apart from a few isolated incidents. Also never drank or did any kind of drugs, was always careful and trying not to damage my brain early on, so go figure. Of course now I’m taking antipsychotics as someone diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, so…

I’m not sure why it would annoy you that others have different experiences to your own? Sometimes I’m a little curious about the symptoms and side effects people experience but I don’t, although I’m grateful I never see visions or hear voices in my head, I wouldn’t be able to cope. Is annoyed the right word you’re looking for?

Maybe you feel like these differences in symptoms invalidate your diagnosis? Sometimes I feel that way, and end up just referring to the expert who’s treating me over my own observations and protests.

Don’t worry too much about the differences between your condition and others, just focus on your recovery and throw a bone to others if you feel like it.

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I picked up smoking when I was first hospitalized. I’d imagine if smoking was banned at the time, I would have never smoked.

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I loved akathisia when I had it, it gives me the sense of security, I mean moving one organ like finger,
I don’t have it anymore but sometimes it apears,

Where did you get that 85% statistic?

Sorry you haven’t experienced bad akathisia. Stupid thing to say.

I saw it in this article that I posted on the coffee topic.

What is your “bad akathisia” like?

I don’t smoke either, honestly. I’ve never had a problem with nicotine, even when I vaped.

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At least I’m not the only one.

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