Annnoying voices in my head


HELP!!! my name is Crystal. I just been diagnosed with schizoaffective There is a long story about my dreams, with Sebastian John and Kitty Cat. Kitty Cat is me that got a miracle to look like my favorite actress. Its obvious who Sebastian John is me with a miracle turned into a boy. Kitty and Sebastian blow kisses to themselves all day everyday saying how beautiful they are since they are in my dream the hottest people in history. The guy in my head blows 50 kisses a day everyday to himself saying he is doing it because he got MY miracle idea same with kitty he says he’s Sebastian John. He say (blank) so… He would say anything so would kitty and say so they say they deserve a creepy dream about IT (the creepy clown). I sometimes hear my dad in my head moaning saying he wants to have sex with himself. Please help me how do I stop the blowing kisses if I could stop any of the voices right now. Other than a miracle and medicine. I am taking the best medication and he still blows kisses at himself HEEELPPP!!!


Hi @Crystal_Carr Welcome :slight_smile:
What meds are you on?


respridol, lithium and loxapine


Have you talked with your psychiatrist about what you write in this thread? What’s his/her opinion?


the hospital said there is nothing they can do so my psychiatrist and my therapist I’m stuck I’m losing my mind no I haven’t told her and my therapist everything. I told them what hurts me the kisses.


I don’t have any idea how to stop them. Maybe others can help


It sounds like right now you need to really work with your pdoc and find meds that work for you. Have you been on the meds long. It can take a couple weeks (I think) for the meds to get in your system.


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