Celebrating my 15th wedding anniversary with Mrs. Pixel today. :smile:


Wooo!!! Go pixel!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Yes, Congratulations Pixel :smile:

that’s great pixel. buy yourself a rack of ribs for the smoker !!

Many happy returns.

**Happy Anniversary! :couple_with_heart: **

Happy 15th to you and the Mrs!

You are so much more mature than myself. I ran at the first proposal.

Very cool… happy anniversary.

It’s nice to remember what is so special about a day like this…

The presents… :stuck_out_tongue:

hope you had a nice day with the family.

Happy anniversary pixel. It must be doubly sweet that you proved those doctors wrong who said you would never succeed at anything.

Happy anniversary both of you! Congratulations!


Thank you to all for the kind words. Had an exciting day helping the Mrs. build a flower bed in the corner of our front yard by the sidewalk. We put in a post with our house number (there were no numbers on our home when we bought it last July). Also added about 25 bags of soil, some manure, and part of a bale of peat moss. It’s ready for plants.

The rest of our front yard looks garody, but we’re landscaping a chunk at a time as we can afford materials. The acidity of the pines kills off the grass, so all grass in the front is going. There will be lots of dark grey rock with flower beds poking out in the front. Anyhow, we’re not overly concerned with the dead grass in behind as it’s going soon. The poplar shoots have been driving us crazy as well.

Off to the neighbouring town to buy some mulch now. :smile:


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Happy anniversary pixel!


My 15th Anniversary today as well!!


This is for my beautiful wife…

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