Anna, you there?

@Anna I hope you’re doing alright. Your post yesterday had me a little concerned. Has anyone heard from her? I don’t know where you’re from, so hopefully it’s just a time zone issue and you’re getting a wonderful night of super restful sleep and dreaming of happiness and cake.

I hope you’ll check in when you feel up to it.


Anna is a tough cookie. She’s probably alright. Just going through a rough patch because she is changing/coming off meds.


@LED and @Andrey, I think I’m finally fully realizing just how rough she really has it with her illness! Yeah, the posts about “demons and evil spirits”, can be a pain. But she’s a really smart and beautiful young woman and I think a lot of her, really! I hope if she is or eventually reads this thread that she’s okay! We’re all thinking of you, @Anna!

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I agree with smart. I really have no idea about beautiful :smile: If she has sent you photos, don’t be a miser, please share with us, @Mim130 !!

Well, I think maybe someone or @Anna herself mentioned it, so I have no idea myself, @Andrey. But, you’re right, it would be nice to see a picture or two :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::sunglasses:!!!

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Okay, but not really because sharing someone else’s picture online is a pretty shitty thing to do.


Ok, my comment was out of line a little bit.
But I am as curious as any straight guy to find out about a girl’s looks…
Guilty as charged :blush:

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Isn’t she working? If she’s at work, she probably don’t have time to get on this forum.

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Of course, @anubis! I don’t know if she still has classes starting soon, either!

No her study is finished. Now she has a job. Well I don’t think I’m wrong… :thinking:

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I’ve been busy all day :weary: Cleaned my rats cage this morning, then had an EEG done which took longer than expected so I had to cancel my pdoc appointment and now I’m subbing for someone at work tonight. Crazy day…

My mood has been better maybe because I haven’t had any time to think. I just feel so out of control of my mood lately it goes from horrific to perfectly fine in moments it seems. Also

@Mim130 and @Andrey once I made my avatar me for like .25 seconds then got too paranoid and changed it :joy: I prefer anonymity. For all you know I’ve actually been a sentient cat all this time, just like we all know @Rhubot is…:smirk::smirk:


Just the same, @Anna, you’re probably very attractive, both on the inside and out:blush::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::sunglasses:!!!

I don’t know why but when I saw this title I was thinking of smooth criminal by michael jackson. Anna are you okay, I said Anna are you okay, are you okay, Anna. You been hit by, you been struck by, a smooth criminal.

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Actually, it’s “Annie are you okay?” Close enough, though!


And yes, glad you’re okay, @Anna!

And what about @Anna1 ?
Why don’t you ask what is going on with her?
Or is your compassion selective?

My compassion is extremely selective.

Well that’s unfortunate.
I think that we should care about all forum members equally,
and treat them equally.

Not for me. It’s protective.

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Well then I’m honored you selected to care about me :sunny: thanks