Animals vs People

Not like a wrestling match. I feel I am incapable of love, but my pets are my life. Obviously a different kind of love. Anyone else have strong bonds with their pets but can’t (don’t want to) form relationships with people?

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Thought I never wanted a relationship- more like the problems from a relationship, but learned that to be not true.
Animals are a truer kind of love, more loyal.

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I love having pets, had them all my life. Had a marvellous cat in my childhood and teens and after she died I kept budgies. Last year I started keeping goldfish. I can’t imagine life without a pet in the house, I tried it for months after my last budgie died and it was soooo empty in the house, even with hubby there. So I got my fish. At the moment I have four - Apollo, Neptune, Onyx and Sugar. Animals have a special magic about them that people don’t. I am not a ‘children-person’ but I love having a pet to look after. I love my husband too, but I gotta have a pet! :smile: :fish:


I have a cat. I feed her and scratch her. I had a little problem with her pooping out in the hallway, but I swept her out the door with a broom and that cured her.

I used to have quite a number of pets in my life but none in the past five years. I’m just not up to the responsibility. I want to form relationships with people but can’t. It is very difficult. Conversations makes me uncomfortable. I rather communicate via whatsapp.

I find that I don’t want to form relationships with the majority of people. But I do get desperately lonely and crave love like drugs. But then I still don’t love other people I only want them to love me. Does that make me a horrible person???

I hope not because I feel the same way. If it does then at least we’re both horrible together :wink::joy:

I’m alone 99% of the time, I do okay on line for the most part, but in real life I seldom get close to anyone. A pet would be nice, but the cost worries me, and no one to look after it if I’m not around. A dog would be my best friend if I had one though.


I swear our cats have negative symptoms they’re totally disinterestd in forming an emotional connection with you. I should sell them to a research lab for an animal model of negative symptoms so they can finally find a cure.:cat2::cat2:

When I was really sick and not leaving apartment and got some one else to grocery shop I was given my dog.
I had to walk her 3 times a day.
She slept in bed with me by the feet and we cuddled in the morning she laid in my arms.
She died and unfortunately I moved away from her planning to fly her over to me.

Now I have a horse.
I started riding at age 4 or so and have been riding on n off but i dont do dressage and showpony stuff just trail riding out in nature.

The horse was given to me when she was starved n bony and covered in ticks.

I saw a horse that was super skinny but not that skinny but he had good grass n padock n fresh water and was fed once a day and i told em to feed him twice a day n more food but i was considering reporting it but last time i reported i was wrong.A dog i adore was in a cage but he had spilt his water so he had no water on hot hot day and this happened several times. I reported it and was told i was wrong and the dog had good life which i now later see that yes he did.He got lovely bones etc. I adored this dog.
Other animals i adore also.I love animals.

It may depend on who the animal is.
I believe there is who n all we are as /in animals also.
Like me as a dog and me as a horse and me as fish and me as nature etc and you as these things with your own aura and eons although some people may cheat on this n not want to be themself.
If theres people i dont like then it could be who n all they are i dont like that includes if they are a fluffy little puppy.
I do not hurt animals as such but have killed a few cockroaches, whipped horses, held dog by neck. :slight_smile:

I stopped killing cockroaches in apartment.
I just dont want to kill em.
I believe i killed myself and my ffriend i had as a cockroach once. we were two roachies and who i am in this body killed us n we were actually really cute and could see aura in roachies even.

I have difficulties socialising and thats why dog was given to me.
Ive considered getting another dog but she was pretty special.
I knew a lady who had dogs and none of them compared with her favourite. She did not feel same way about the others she got after her favourite died.

Strange difficult for me socialise in person cause im definately not like that in my eons and in spirit…
I am capable of love to people and animals etc.
I think it depends on the animal and who they are and how ne gets along, communicates , bonds etc etc

I cant cuddle my horse like i could my dog but i can still be somewhat affectionate and sometimes kiss her and groom and wash and speak to her , make nice food and care etc.

If onlu we could stop and think and realize that human relationships are more important than your pets. Yes they are loyal and stuff but so is every dog who’s owner treats it well. Eveyone in this world wants comfort and safety and shelter

I enjoy relationships with people but i couldnt live without my pets. 4 dogs, 1 cat, and a newly acquired tortoise. Our ferret just passed away a few weeks ago. I dont know how i would get thru the day without my pets. I just got out of bed and was snuggling with the mastiff on one side and the kitty on the other.

My mastiff is my baby, my 135lbs baby. He goes everywhere with me and has a service vest so he cant be denied in coming with me anywhere. He is impeccably trained and understands everything i say and im pretty sure i understand him. I love the others but im going to be wrecked when he goes. We were thinking of another puppy but 5 dogs a cat and a soon to be 100lbs tortoise is a little excessive i think. Heres a pic of zeus my mastiff but he hates pictures and never sits still. Lol


Pets more people less. People have their own precognition about you. Pets don’t. I had a dog of 11 years and he passed away in 2011. My brother has a pit bull but I don’t bond with him to much. I only come to the dog when I’m sad or when I want to play with him. He use to hate rubs but he loves them now. He’s cute. I just want a pet of my own though.

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