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Slate has a piece on how that a lot of zoo animals are on antipsychotics because they become mentally ill when enclosed.

Wow that is really shitty, sorry for the cussing but that is just really really shitty.


Often, I used to feel like a caged animal.

I just have no words for this world sometimes…


Haldol is given to birds to keep them from feather-plucking once they start.

The thing that amazes me is how these drugs work on animals.

Let me paraphrase this quote a bit and see how this fits

Much of the HUMAN madness Braitman describes is caused by humans forcing HUMANS to live in unnatural habitats, and the suffering that ensues is on display most starkly in CITIES AND MODERN SOCIETY. “CITIES AND SOCIETY as institutions are deeply problematic,” Braitman told me. MANY HUMANS, for example, ARE forced to live in enclosures that ARE MUCH SMALLER percent of the size THEIR range would have been in THEIR natural habitat. “It’s impossible to replicate even a slim fraction of the kind of life HUMANS have in the wild, WHICH IS REPLACED WITH DISPOSABLE ITEMS, UNHEALTHY FOODS, MATERIALISM, POLLUTION, AND FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY IN AN ARTIFICIAL ENVIRONMENT”

Ah, we have our answer to the problem at last!


that is so sad. wild things should be in the wild.
take care

I totally agree…life can be rather hellish when it becomes droning. Grade school was like that for me. I absolutely despised living across the street from the school I went to and being in a tiny little sheltered life. That’s why high school was so liberating, once I could drive the summer before my sophomore year I felt better and was not mentally unstable at all after I quit being anorexic, which was like 6 months later.

I know some very bright kids who are living on farms this summer. One of them goes to Duke, and he’s living on a farm right now. I think that we get too involved in technology and crap. I am bad about that, I love my Iphone and laptop, but I do get my animal out in the gym.

But yeah, I can see how animals go nuts. I mean think of it, its just miserable to be stuck in a small enclosure and have nothing to do. My dogs love going on walks and car rides. I feel sorry for them. It’s all they get to see of the world.

Here’s an interesting article published yesterday on the same topic.

Sad donkey.

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I think about the mental side effects the drugged animals must have.

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