Animals are now Thiamine (vitamin B1) deficient. Damn

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I read it could be due to climate change and air pollution and things like that.

Something like the smaller fish in the food chain are b1 deficient from the plants they feed on, and the ocean plants are malnourished .

Then the bigger fish eat the smaller fish and the birds then eat the fish and so on.

The animals become very hyperactive from b1 deficiency and can even attack other animals. Terrible.

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Aren’t b vitamins at least some of them created by bacteria?

Maybe the massive waste we create is leading animals to be dependant on us for food, meaning they’re eating people food and not what they would normally eat which is covered in good bacteria.

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Seagulls are flying over parking lots eating bread and eating chips out of garbage dumps instead of worms and all that good stuff. The cats that eat the birds likewise will have low vitamin rinse and repeat. Maybe it starts with the mice

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Definitely something to do with bacteria. That’s like the start of the food chain I think. It could be a lot of things combined.


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Mother nature will find a way to correct the situation

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Once we get all the polluting traffic off the roads and switch to electric cars, then the air quality will certainly raise.

I want an electric car, I think they’ll be good.

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