Anhedonia: Not enjoying the beach

So I’m on vacation and I should be swimming and playing with the family, but I’m not. I just can’t. It’s no fun for me, even though it used to be.

Any suggestions? Similar experiences?


Similar experiences?

Yeah, I went to the park a few times last summer and I didn’t enjoy myself. I haven’t been back since. I used to love the park.

Don’t put yourself under any pressure to join in on activities, maybe you can enjoy being an observer.

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I just don’t like the beach tbh.

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It took six months and dosage reduction before I could somewhat enjoy the things I used to enjoy before the meds started.

Are you on Risperidone like me?

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"Anhedonia: Not enjoying the beach"
the beach is a great place with seagulls, and light touching the sea waves. it’s unfortunate that it’s hard to enjoy because of anhedonia.

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I’m sorry that you are experiencing that too. I have anhedonia too when on meds. Dosage reduction helps, although I’m having more psychotic symptoms then. I guess it’s different for every person what they can tolerate concerning positive symptoms and side effects. The day before yesterday I forgot to take my meds and I noticed it because I was so happy and loving the next day. On days when I accept (more or less) that my feelings aren’t as intense as before meds, funny enough I can better appreciate and feel the positive feelings that I still do have and sometimes I am surprised “hey, some happiness!”. So for me it helps if I don’t ruminate about not feeling enough and still try and focus my attention on the positive things that are still there. I’m sorry I don’t have a better solution, just wanted to say that I understand the loss.

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How about listening to music and walking on the beach or tanning with music for 20 minutes? Collecting seashells? taking pictures?

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I do collect sea shells, although I don’t get excited about it now. I guess it’s okay to not be so excited.


I’m on abilify. Risperidone made me a zombie. I could hardly move.

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I used to live for swimming and the beach, now can’t be bothered, seems like to much effort

I’m sorry. I feel pleasure but describe my problem as a lack of interest in everything. No reward system. I’m on 4.75mg risperidone

Thanks for the advice im supposed to go on vacation next week but for my severe negative symptoms im not going. Sucks balls

That sucks that you don’t seem to be enjoying your holiday much.

I have had some horrid holidays too and it’s awful when others don’t understand or don’t care and force you to do things against your will making you suffer even more.

I suffered so much swimming with dolphins at sea world while psychotic.
It was a gift and they forced me to go although I said no and told them I don’t feel well and I really suffered.

I am upset that I did not say no to them.
I’m such a pushover.
Worse is I feel like I’m in restraint and it’s awful.:cry:
Like I’ve been in restraint my whole a invisible leash from my “wing” and I don’t want to be everyone’s bi t ch .i don’t want to have anyone do such against my will.

I don’t go to the beach despite living close and I don’t seem to stay long or enjoy it much when I do either.
The waves are too big for me but I can really enjoy a swim in a rock pool where there are no waves.
I loved the gentle waves where I used to live in Queensland but did not go for dips often then either it was like someone did not “let me” go for dips or go out and do things often.

I was supposed to do activities today but didn’t.

I don’t think I will ever fly again.

I plan on driving interstate with my mum when she comes from Sweden but I told her I do t want to be gone for long and I need her to try and be understanding and not expect to much from me and expect things I can’t do etc.
Hope we don’t fight and that we have a nice time together and that she does come .

Worse is when others don’t understand and force you to do things you don’t feel well enough to do and by doing so make you suffer even more.mych more and make you even more psychotic so you need hospitalisation but can only just manage to shower,eat etc

Hope you will enjoy things again soon.

just go wading, force yourself. experience the cool water

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