Anhedonia 121212

Hard to connect
Poor eye contact no emotional connection
Meds 350mg Clopixol 4 wks

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Anyone else find it really hard to talk to people connect?

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Yes, I do. Before schizophrenia, I was pretty awkward.

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Anhedonia is common with depression and other mental illness

I must have it for years now its bad

I have anhedonia, too. Meditation is currently my favorite “activity.”

Its supposed to be good to meditate

Yea, it’s like the only thing that helps nowadays. If you haven’t tried, I highly recommend it.

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I don’t do much of it in a job interrview, eye contact.
don’t wanna creep them out,
especially cuz I don’t even know him/her.
are you saying something is wrong with that?

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No ive not tried. I did mindfulness twice but it didn’t do anything for me
Im so blocked emotionally all time
Its real bad

yeah they do that teaching a lot on the unit,
how you supposed to do mindfulness
when you don’t even know if you have a mind on psych meds.

Daze your not the only one i understand

well, that’s good. I try not to mince words.

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Its bad. Hospitals suck
You know

Im not the only person feeling numbed


Mindfulness meditation is harder than concentration meditation. Concentration meditation being focusing on one specific thing, the breath, for example.

never got anything out of that.
tried taking a class, and they knew half the class would drop out.
well, I was one of em.
took another and they were doing OOOMM.
wasn’t ready for that, who is that for?

my meditation used to consist of being aware of my breaths
while running long distance.
does that count?
my daughter did it too.
my son did sprints.

Yea, chanting isn’t my favorite.
Do you remember which other meditations you tried? Imho, meditation IS for everyone.
Exercise is good, too.

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