Angie's sister is visiting this weekend

We are cleaning house vehemently to prepare for Angie’s sister to arrive tomorrow. Her sister is flying down from South Dakota and Angie and I are really excited…should be a great time!


Hope you all have a good time!

Yes, Sounds like a good time.
Have Fun!

have a good time @jukebox!

Great! I might be driving to visit my brother and new niece.

Hope you have a great time with the visit, are you cooking one of your special meals like Jambalaya ?

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My condolences. My wife’s family and friends visiting usually means a week hopped up on meds recovering from the stress. I don’t do other people in my space well. Training them to just email her once a decade isn’t working out as well as I had hoped.



It’s always great fun when loved ones visit from far away. I hope you have a splendid time.

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no, we just go out to eat. Angie’s sister is making it possible, she is kind with buying meals and shopping. we watched “black mass” tonight and I was blown away once again by Johnny Depp’s performance. anyways, we ordered canadian bacon and pineapple pizza, my half had jalapenos also. Her sister made me very proud of my artwork and accomplishments because Angie tells her about me being an architect out of work and stuff so anyways, her sister praised me for being intelligent and made me feel good. she is visiting tomorrow until night time tomorrow and then flying out the next day to Austin to visit even more people. good time …I feel very loved.