Anger at psych drs. It’s a hot mess!

Tomorrow I stop gabapentin I’ve decided. I was taking 2800 mg.

Just today at 400 mg I feel more alert, awake, not drowsy all day, and I have a bit more energy too. I can’t believe the difference. And I have had a normal caffeine intake too.

I’m angry at my old dr for saying it would help so much and saying I needed it and putting me on such an irresponsibly high dose. Then putting me on nuvigil (also have now stopped) because I couldn’t concentrate or stay awake.

I wasted years of my life. I trusted her. Plus other meds got increased. It’s a hot mess!


Meds are trial and error. It took me four years to find the right med combo and get stable.

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Careful with big reductions in gabapentin. You can get rebound seizures I heard.

Tbh it’s the sort of med you should have supervision when coming off


@MintyFresh , listen to @el_Jimbobbio . Do it all under supervision.

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Haven’t you read the dozens of horror stories on here from people who mess around with their medication on their own? People who stop taking their meds or adjust the doses on their own usually relapse. I’ve seen it a hundred times. It’s common to stop your meds and have good feelings initially like more energy or more alert etc. Stopping your medication feels good at first for a lot of people but then the symptoms come back. I don’t have any motive to warn you against stopping your meds other then to help you prevent a relapse.


I don`t have the right to mingle with your decision to go off of the meds. On the other hand is it illegal to encorage any one here to go off of there meds without there treatmentteam advice to do so.

I was on 3 antipsychotics and Got rid off one of them and Got halfed my LAI.
This shouldnt never have been done without a shrinks super vision. But the authorities of my country didnt Think that the shrinks had acted unresponsible by giving me mega large amounts of antipsychotics.
Well how low Can I go.
Not lower I realize that the amount of meds now is until.
End of Days

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