Androgyny - pictures (do you feel you are nearer to the 'neutral' line than a lot of people?) (or do you have Aspergers with Sz)

This is me about 3 or so years ago

i’m trying longer hair again but i think short suits me better


The title confuses me a bit.

But I prefer being androgynous. I’ve become more feminine over the years, mostly to fit in, and I’m longing for those days when I wouldn’t let anyone tell me how I should look


Sometimes I wear women’s sweaters because they have better patterns. Androgyny is kinda in now for my age group. I like it.


I get asked frequently whether I’m a boy or a girl. That’s exactly what I’m going for!


I tend to present in a traditionally feminine manner but I wear men’s clothes a lot. They’re just more comfy. :smile:


K - Stew would make a handsome man.


I’m Aspie/SZ and can’t say I spend a lot of time worrying about how I’m perceived. Just be the best version of yourself you can be and let the chips fall where they may.


I’m too old now to blur the lines appearance wise. I don’t feel close to the vast majority of males. It’s like they’re a different species.


I guess I dress pretty neutral. My beard gives me away these days but years ago I was confused alot for a woman because of my hair and curves. That and I’ve been told that I have “stange manurisms”

Hey me squirrel
What do you do for your Aspergers?
Take any kind of therapy or go to support groups?
What do you struggle personally as an aspie if you don’t mind me asking

As someone with Asperger’s myself I struggle when it comes to face to face social interaction . My executive functioning is not very good (organising and planning especially). I struggle when it comes to practical tasks . Change can make me anxious .

That describes me ,but as the saying goes " If you’ve met one person with autism , you’ve met one person with autism."

I don’t do any therapy. There are groups in near by towns ’ but when those groups meet is varied . I have difficulty getting to unfamiliar places so getting there on my own would be very difficult . The cost of a taxi there and back would be about £26/$34 .

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