And You Thought the Hurricane Was Bad

President Partisan was evaluating the damage along the coast of the United States on some future date. He got on his computer and looked at the damage house by house. He then proceeded to tabulate the government’s secret logs of who voted for him and who didn’t. So Homeland Security wrote to those that voted against him and didn’t have insurance that due to Global Warming their house could not be kept on the coast any more. Supporters were assisted. Even emergency supplies were siphoned out that way. Those who had insurance were told they missed a payment if they voted wrong and others were given a check signed by the President. The President was so corrupt he soon was overthrown and replaced with the first Emperor of the US. A few centuries later Washington DC fell to Canada along with most of the north while Mexico took much of the south. A few states were ruled by a Emperor who kept the name the United States name in the central states. Later Lithuania took the whole thing.