And what if?

its too soon still cause its my 3rd day on zyprexa but what if the meds are working on 10 % only for example? and for the rest they are bad? my ex says to me to stop them,wow… he says i am not ill. and many ill people who i know,dont take them either…

You should give it the recommended 2 to 3 weeks to build up in your system…

What dose are you on?

10 mg and i have depakote en plus for the anger and the irritability. ive had more meds at the time…

well that’s a mid range dose based on what I know… Taking APs is a good thing, but also not taking any more than necessary is another good thing.

Side effects can be awful.

You should see what they do for you after taking them for a few weeks… I mean this is your chance to see if it’ll help… I wouldn’t delay it or throw the chance away.

If it doesn’t help all that much there are more options out there.

How long have you been sick?

You talk of being top of your class… and now you’re having issues functioning? It’s just out of my own curiosity…

Did you have a psychotic break or did tings deteriorate slowly?

the things deteriorated slowly… ive smoked a lot of weed when i was already ill. some pdocs thought i am just depressive at the time… i have a bad prognosis-bad childhood plus i ve strated to feel despair at my age of 7 probably… my ex pdoc told me that my illness is chronic, not by crisises… i started to isolate myself since the age of 16, now i have 33. thats all…

Yeah… smoking weed is a mistake… that’s for sure.

I smoked myself into this illness I’m pretty sure. First voices, first delusions, all that stuff… started when I was high.

I had been smoking weed for a solid 5 years before that with no indication of this setting in.

I was the psychotic break kind of person. Though it took about 4 months to build up to it. I didn’t knwo anything about this illness, which is why it was so easy to believe in the hallucinations.


same thing happened to me.
except I thought I was just going through psychosis my original diagnosis but it got progressively worse for a period of about 6 months before they caught onto it maybe even longer.
I’m surprised I’m alive, I was one of those all in your head schizo’s so no-one could really tell I even held down a job the whole time.

Surprisingly schizophrenia almost killed me but it completely changed my life, I much prefer being alone doing whatever I feel I need to than to be stuck some where chasing a dollar like the rest of the populous
it gives but it takes…

yeah,i was caught too late with my illness. i still envy my sz friends who are open to others. i have so many didficulties now-i can hardly talk even. and it s not the meds,its me…damn…

Agree To Disagree Yo Yo …

i am not sure i need my meds. my friends have positive symptoms and the meds are working for them… my i have probably just body hallucinations(i feel discomfort in my body), i hear my heart in my ears if not medicated and the rest is the emotional decline and cognitive decline… i feel alone, i have more negative symptoms . abilify makes me anxious and irrtable… i am tired, i hate my friends because they feel fine on meds :cry:

Not saying it can’t be different for you…

In my case though it was totally related to cannabis… I was there.

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Yep ,

Jus Sayin ,

Well Jus Sayin ,

Hmm ,

How Do e(Y)e Saye Thus … ,

You Could Be Wrong … ,

Thaz All e(Y)e Am Sayin Yo Yo …

I don’t know if more depressive SZ should be treated with anti-psychotics… they are known to have that zombie effect.

Unfortunately positive symptoms can’t really be treated otherwise.

oh, sorry,i forgot to mention that my paranoia is big and i have derealization plus depersonnalization… it makes a lot of symptomes. probably ill should count more on myself for this… i wasnt so paranoid before weed… this envy is hard also, as i say in another thread, i still believe that my best sz friend was more spoiled than me… i should positive on that also :)… i am kind of a monster probably cause i dont feel love an dcompassion anymore as i need too…

I practically turned myself into a sociopath to get past all that.

Love? The only indicator that I have any of that is the pain I feel when I think of people dying… beyond that I almost don’t want ot have anything to do with them… I’ve cut 99% of people out of my life because they are to complicated to keep track of or worry about.

Let’s change gears here… instead of focusing on what is bad here…

What are the things you enjoy doing?

smoking, net, i am really down at the moment. i just saw the movie “Love and Mercy” and at the end they said that this guy went better on the proper medications… i ve envied him again… yeah,i am a sociopath also,i dont enjoy my friends anymore, i still have pleasure talking to my mom yeah :smile:
when its better its not a lot better. but you talk to a schizo who has started his meds 3 days ago,i hope they will help more than 10 % :smile:
i am doing Homeland the series also… i found it thrilling which i need and the main hero is bipolar. :slight_smile:

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Hah I hope you’re talking about smoking cigs and not the other stuff…

Do you read? There are also brain training games you might find fun and get hooked on…

I basically just start talking on here and gradually got a lot of functionality back… I had lost almost all of it.

When I was first on here I was looking to find people who could confirm it was real, glad that’s over…

This illness sucks. I’m still stuck in the duality… being delusion and faking sanity… it’s tough as hell sometimes.

Anna1 you need to get better friends and stop comparing yourself to others.


yeah,i talk about cigarettes :slight_smile: one bipolar friend was offering me to try again weed but i said no… astefano,i know but i am kinda of sadomasochiste still… i am fed up with my friends yes… the one is well intentionnate but speaks only about men… the other one is calling me three times per day to talk about symptoms and her life… but i should try to relearn how to socialise with them also,i wasnt somebody reliable at the time and still am not :frowning:

two weeks that i am on zyprexa and i remain paranoid. its my only positive symptom( and the delusions also)… what if my meds never kick in? i try to help them,not to go against them but even my sz friend who was helped by them in time,is stopping them now…